Welcome to Stanley Academy!
Stanley Academy is a specialized English school for medical personnel from all over the world. We offer medical terminology training, registered nurses preparation, and ESL test preparation courses. This professional language school was established in 2001 with a purpose to educate professionals in English in order that they can communicate effectively in an English setting.

One of our main programs at Stanley Academy is the Registered Nurses Examination Preparation Program. This program is specifically designed for foreign-trained nurses who desire to become registered nurses in Canada. We offer free counseling and support for all of our nursing students to ensure that they will be able to obtain their nursing license in the quickest way possible.

Students who have attended our school have been doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, dentists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, medical students and other health professionals. We have also educated regular ESL students who wanted to improve their English writing and speaking skills in an ideal environment.

In today’s world, English has become a universal language. In any country, we believe that the quality of care and the medical community are at risk when the cultural differences and language barriers are not met. Stanley Academy hopes to train medical professionals from around the world to be able to communicate with patients in English when that need arises. By doing so, patients will receive proper care and fewer risks are involved. Studying Medical English at Stanley Academy will be a great asset to any healthcare professional and to any care facility. Students will learn how to read, write and speak in medical terms.

Stanley Academy is also a school for regular ESL students who don’t have a medical background. We offer courses that prepare you for internationally recognized English proficiency examinations. The two non-medical courses at Stanley Academy are the TSE (the Test of Spoken English) and LPI (the Language Proficiency Index) preparation courses. Students will be taught by highly qualified ESL teachers and in a matter of months, they will be able to achieve examination scores that will qualify the students to access the job market.

Stanley Academy is located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. The growing popularity of Vancouver makes the site of this exclusive school even more attractive for students. Easily accessible worldwide, Vancouver offers astounding pleasures for students who enjoy Western culture and the natural resources of Canada.

Stanley Academy is registered with the private post-secondary education commission (PPSEC) of British Columbia as a private training institution.

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