Stanley Academy Fees


 Fee Calculation


Registration Fee (Non-refundable)  $ 100
Medical English Full-time Program (ESL) (30hrs/week) $ 580 / Week
Medical English Part-time Program(ESL) (15hrs/week) $ 350 / Week
RN Exam Preparation Part-time (15hrs/week)  $ 400 / Week
TSE Preparation Standard-time (15hrs/week) $ 200 / Week
TSE Preparation Part-time (7.5hrs/week) $ 100 / Week
LPI Preparation Part-time (7.5hrs/week) $ 100 / Week
LPI Test Saturday Intensive Workshop (Saturday/10am – 3:30pm) $ 100
Medical Diploma Program (16 Wks Curriculum) $7864
Tutoring Programs *No Registration Fee for Tutoring Programs $   40 / Hour
Materials Fee *No Materials Fee for TSE, LPI and Tutoring Programs $ 100
(includes private room, 3 meals/day & laundry, payable to family)
$   27 / Day
Homestay Finding Fee $ 200
Airport Pickup on Arrival $   70


1. Application Procedure

Complete your Stanley Academy application form and send it back to us. After confirmation, you may send payment with a cheque or International Money Order for your entire course fee. Alternatively, you can directly transfer the complete payment from your own bank to the Stanley Academy bank account.

Bank Account is:
TD Canada Trust
1055 Dunsmuir Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia V7X 1P3
Account Number: 9512-5200064

Mailing Address is:
507-535 Howe Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6C2Z4, Canada

You can also send an application by fax along with a copy of a wire transfer payment. We also accept Visa and Mastercard.



To study more than months you are required to obtain a student visa. To obtain a student visa you must show officials at a Canadian Embassy or Canadian Consulate a letter of acceptance from the school, a valid passport, and an indication from your bank of sufficient funds. Sometimes, a letter from a doctor confirming good health is required. 


3. Medical Insurance

Please arrange for valid medical insurance for your entire stay in Canada. 


4. Homestay

The best way to experience the Canadian lifestyle and culture is to live with a Canadian homestay family. This means you stay in a typical Canadian home with a family that will provide you with a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. Each student will have their own private, fully furnished bedroom. You will be provided with three meals a day and access to snacks with full use of amenities within the home, including laundry facilities.

Staying with a family gives you a great opportunity to practice the English you learn at school. Our homestay coordinator will ensure that students have a wonderful homestay experience.


At Stanley Academy, our commitment is to provide you the very best in English education.

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